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中学 students draw on their natural curiosity 和 our expansive, beautiful campus 和 its resources to extend their learning beyond the classroom—in clubs, 体育活动, 排练, 艺术工作室, 和 in building relationships among each other 和 with their teachers. 

我们的 curriculum places a premium on intellectual development centered on creativity, 重要的思考, 和 personal growth through the embrace of risk 和 challenge. Courses are deliberately designed to elicit questions rather than provide answers, 和 students are encouraged to connect their classroom learning to events in the world beyond our campus. 找出 how 中学 院长 help families with curriculum options.

For more detailed information about 保利的 按年级划分的中学课程序列,请参阅我们的 课程指导.

中学 课程 Guide for the 2024-25 Academic Year

在每一个学科中, we set st和ards of academic excellence aimed at fostering habits of mind that will serve our students throughout their lives. 我们的 expectation is that students learn to read, 写, 分析, 有目的地量化, 焦点, 和清晰. The 保利预科 中学 curriculum 序列 is expressly designed to enable our students to be agents of positive change in whatever fields 和 contexts they choose.

  • 计算机科学

    在我们的 计算机与信息科学 课程和最先进的创客空间, 学生运用他们的创造力, 解决问题的能力, 和 communication tools to explore new 语言s, 设计3-D解决方案, develop multi-level underst和ing of the internet 和 social media, use h和s-on technologies such as robotics 和 microcontrollers, 和 explore the exp和ing universe of artificial intelligence.

    The 语言 of computers is one of 保利的 fastest growing 和 most exciting fields of inquiry, 和 our digital-savvy students are its natural interlocutors. 保利的 中学 计算机与信息科学 curriculum prepares students to leverage technological tools to promote efficiency 和 productivity in their studies, 和 as a means of enhancing collaboration with peers. Students in 计算机与信息科学 are always introduced to technology 和 innovations in ways that interrogate 和 dem和 an underst和ing of both beneficial 和 unintended con序列s that can result from bias. 多样性, 股本, 包容, 和 anti-racism work is prioritized in our 计算机与信息科学 courses, 无论是在内容上还是在表现上.  随着学生的进步, they are introduced to the design thinking approach, 和 encouraged to identify real-world problems 和 develop credible solutions.

  • 英语

    玛德琳·恩格尔写道:You have to 写 the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you 写 it for children.” In 这种精神,保利中学 英语 课程在培养的同时也在挑战, instilling a critical foundation for writing across an array of disciplines. Students explore a variety of writing modes, moving from the expressive to the analytical in increasingly complex forms. In addition to underst和ing how to transform artful sentences into well-developed essays, 中学 students read a wide range of literature, 从鼓舞人心的经典 罗密欧与朱丽叶的人 to the work of contemporary 写rs like Jamaica Kincaid, as we prepare them to 写 the books that want to be written.

  • 历史

    的核心 历史 Department’s mission is the belief that the study of history has the potential to, 用历史学家卡尔·德格勒的话来说, “exp和 our conception 和 underst和ing of what it means to be human.” The study of history is integral to 保利的 mission of preparing students to be global citizens, 和 our history curriculum is designed to help students become comfortable navigating, 无论是过去还是现在, the tension between the familiar 和 the strange. 为此目的, students develop a deep knowledge of their own country’s history, 全球历史, 以及特定地区的历史. We also empower students to seek an underst和ing of their world that goes beyond their present moment, 和 to develop the empathy 和 humility that are integral to the thoughtful exercise of global citizenship.

  • 数学

    我们的 数学 curriculum encourages students to become logical 和 imaginative thinkers. We help students recognize patterns 和 structures, explore multiple routes to solving problems, develop 和 apply critical thinking 和 abstract reasoning skills, 和 organize 和 explain their reasoning, 口头和书面的. As we model real-world situations 和 promote both deductive 和 inductive reasoning, our students develop the intellectual tools 和 confidence to persevere through complex 和 challenging non-routine problems, 和 enjoy the challenge of attempting to find the unknown 和 delight in its discovery.

  • 科学

    我们的 科学 部门认识到, 现在比以往任何时候都更重要, the natural world dem和s innovative solutions to the most vexing environmental, 医疗, 和 resource dilemmas humankind has confronted. 我们的 students therefore engage in experiments 和 analysis of observable data that challenge them to underst和 how science shapes all phenomena, from the manufacture of sunblock to the underst和ing of epidemic disease.

    中学 courses integrate the disciplines of life science, 物理科学, 以及地球/空间科学. 在这些课程中, students use science 和 engineering practices to make sense of phenomena 和 design solutions to problems, preparing them to become tomorrow’s engineers, 医生, 研究人员, 太空探险者, 有科学素养的公民.  The 中学 science curriculum is built to be iterative in nature 和 use skills 和 concepts gained from the prior year as building blocks to dig more deeply 和 examine earth systems from new perspectives across both space 和 time. This integrative approach connects key concepts across scales from the atomic to the ecosystem to help students underst和 the interconnectedness of both abiotic 和 biotic systems. Through integration across scales 和 time, students continue to build on key competencies such as hypothesis development, 数据收集, 和 scientific reasoning in preparation for the transition into the 上学校.

  • 世界语言/经典

    我们的 语言 课程让学生沉浸在法语中, 西班牙语, 普通话, 和/or Latin as a means of nurturing their curiosity about peoples 和 cultures far beyond our halls, fostering underst和ing that transcends our own context 和 time. Modern 语言 classes place a premium on speaking, 分享, 并庆祝目标语言, not least as a means of promoting students’ cultural competence 和 personal courage.

    经典 courses promote deeper appreciation of the elements of spoken 和 written 语言, empowering our students to use their own 语言 in richer, 更复杂的, 以及更有影响力的方式. 去当地的餐馆旅行, 展品, 和 New York City neighborhoods encourage students to become intrepid 和 considerate citizens of the world.

  • 学习支持和丰富

    在保利, we celebrate the wide diversity of learning styles 和 are dedicated to meeting each child’s learning needs. 我们的 learning specialists help all students to meet the dem和s of our curriculum, as well as become proficient self-advocates who are resilient, 元认知, 策略型学习者.

    我们的 learning specialists not only work closely with students, 院长, 课堂上老师, 还有学校辅导员, 还要监督学习中心, a space for students to practice their skills 和 utilize a range of academic supports. We support teachers in meeting all students’ needs 和 enriching their learning experiences in the classroom.

  • 表演艺术

    跳舞, 戏剧, 和 music play a central role in the experience of all 聚 中学 students. 我们的 表演艺术 curriculum is an exciting combination of in-school courses 和 extracurricular activities, all of which build skills 和 encourage students to pursue their artistic interests. 在五年级和六年级, 学生学习创造性运动, 戏剧, 还有声乐和器乐, all of which are required elements of their curriculum. 在七年级和八年级, students begin to choose from various 表演艺术 electives, allowing them to continue their exploration 和 further develop their performance skills. Partnerships with professional arts organizations exp和 students’ horizons, 和 opportunities on the stage or behind the scenes enable all students to participate in our vibrant program.

  • 视觉艺术

    Whether they are beginners or emerging artists, students explore a range of 视觉艺术 that match their interests 和 skill. 在我们的 视觉艺术 studios, art is not only h和s-on 和 challenging, it’s also inspiring 和 community building.  Students develop a strong base in traditional practice 和 materials, while being encouraged to develop their own eye 和 methods. They experiment, take risks, 和 solve problems. They look closely, ask questions, see alternate perspectives, 和 make connections. 通过我们的 艺术的伙伴关系, they meet inspiring professional artists (和 arts professionals through our collaborations with cultural institutions) from whom they tap invaluable creative energy to explore 和 hone their own crafts. 他们成为了艺术家.

  • 健康和福祉

    Middle school is a time of 戏剧tic physical, emotional 和 social transition as students move from childhood into adolescence. 保利的 健康和幸福 课程采用实证为基础, expert informed 和 developmentally appropriate curriculum to support students in exploring health issues that are newly relevant to their lives. Middle school health takes a sex-positive, inclusive approach to health education that centers the health needs of people with marginalized 和 intersectional identities 和 uses harm reduction strategies to promote healthy behaviors. Health 和 well-being topics include sex 和 sexuality education, 同意和健康的关系, digial国籍, 物质使用, 营养, 体育活动, 睡眠, 暴力和伤害预防. 通过实践活动, discussions 和 projects students explore how to live a way that promotes their own individual health 和 that of their communities. 健康和福祉 classes meet once per cycle 和 are ungraded.

  • 体育课

    保利预科 stresses the importance of being physically active as a lifelong goal. 在我们的 体育课 curriculum, we build a foundation for ensuring a healthy lifestyle through movement. 在五年级和六年级, we 焦点 on developing a competency in a variety of motor skills 和 movement patterns. 在七年级和八年级, athlete development becomes our main goal. Students have the option to choose a sport each season (fall, 冬天, spring) in preparation for the 上学校 athletic experience.